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iCR3600 va a transformar su práctica en una instalación moderna de imágenes. Equipos iCRco de radiografía computarizada proporciona una calidad de imagen excepcional, alta produccion y bajo costo de propiedad.

  iCR3600SF es el único CR de formato pequeño dedicado a Pediatría, para Imágenes de Extremidades y Equinas. Con tan solo 42 libras de peso, es el CR mas ligero actualmente en el mercado. Su tamaño pequeño y ligero lo convierte en una solución facil para obtener imágenes moviles en el campo. La ultra alta resolución y precisión del iCR3600SF es proporcionada por la tecnología True Flat Scan Path TM.
iCR3600SF is the only small format CR dedicated for Podiatry, Extremities and Equine imaging. At only 42 lbs it is the lightest CR in the market today. Its small size and lightweight makes it an easy mobile solution for imaging in the field. Ultra high resolution and the precision of iCR3600SF is provided by the True Flat Scan Path ™ technology.
  iCR7200 is the ideal hospital CR considering it is the fastest dual bay computed radiography machine in the world. iCR7200 has dual reading heads doubling the throughput, scanning 188 plates per hour. This CR also has True Flat Scan Path technology which allows for 300,000+ artifact free images per plate.

Sistemas DR

With iCRco’s direct digital solution iDR you no longer handle cassettes. iDR is fixed in your exam room and it is a sealed scan head technology. Unlike other DR systems available today, iDR can be completely integrated into your existing Rad Room ensuring maximum uptime and ease of transition when converting to digital.    This DR is another first in digital imaging and it completely revolutionizes how long bone imaging is done. It also eliminates the need for image stitching software. Long bone iDR encapsulates a 14 ” x 51 ” plate which creates a full spine image in one exposure.

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 X-Ray Cassettes   Flat Panel Monitors

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems)/ DICOM Viewer

  • The Full feature, reliable and affordable PACS
  • Locally Serviced and Maintained by: UHS IT Personal
  • Clarity PACS is a scalable and affordable PACS solution designed to optimize imaging workflow, simplify image management processes and it is fully web-enabled.

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