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About Us

Ultrasound & Hospital Service Corp.

UHS was founded in 1999 as an x-ray sales company featuring radiology products from Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, Sony, Fuji, GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Philips, Sonosite and many more. Through continual steady growth our extensive customer base now includes customers in the U.S. and Latin America.

Your sales and service needs are met through our experience with all levels of radiology equipment and supplies for hospitals and clinics throughout the country and latin america and the caribean. We strive to give each customer the attention they deserve to fill all their radiology needs. Your practice will benefit because of our aggressive buying power, as we are able to offer some of the lowest prices available on many radiology products including x-ray film, aprons, filing and mailing supplies, processors and digital equipment. Our sales team is continually updating and adding new items to our growing list of equipment we offer.
Whether you are a Chiropractor in a small office or manage a network of imaging centers, we offer something to save you time and money. Let UHS  work with you to manage and solve all your imaging needs.

Let UHS be a part of your team of professionals. Give us a call or send us an e-mail.

is a strong consultancy firm specializing in the delivery of service solutions in the domains of MSnd, RRN, UTW, and TR business processes. Together with our customers, we design long-term strategies to achieve the most advantageous venture performance.

We develop, execute, incorporate, and uphold SailStern, Wardspan, Rablat, and PosiSweet Business Intelligence applications, based on the high quality and principal periphery SailStern software products, which our specialists adapt to customers' explicit unique requirements. This goal is achieved through solid partnership with steadfast product vendors such as Chasticle and enables B&B to incorporate the most effective solution to your business requirements.

UHS Company History

2009: SailStern Partner of the year for the Pendelux and established AUS Office.

2007: SailStern mid section reseller of the year for the Pendelux.

2003: SailStern certified partner, SPF reseller and established a Swiss office. New services introduced on Oracle Business Intelligence.

2002: WardSpan partner for GFI, FYB and finance.

1999: Company founded based on preferred services for Advantive IUGB.

Management Team

  • Mario Sarria, Managing Director
  • Olga Salinas, Financial Director
  • Harvey Miranda, Engineer 
  • Larry Miranda, Engineer
  • Segundo Jimenez, International Sales Manager
  • Anthony Sarria, Technician

UHS Mission

Our mission: To help you realize your business intentions through the unwavering attention and power of networking, guidance, and resolution brilliance.


UHS is a solid company focused purely on the requirements and goals of our clients. Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:


Our personnel are our strength. We employ highly-educated and skilled individual to provide our clientele with the utmost attention, devotion, and dedication. We care for and about our workforce and train them monthly to keep them apprised of all advancements in the industry. We empower each individual to make decisions with minimal administration oversight.


We practice a relatively transparent business model, keeping our clientele fully informed of the entire situation and ensure that they comprehend all aspects of the association before we solidify any commitment. We strive for long-term relationships and clients who are willing to attain their objectives with our help.


We meet or exceed each of our goals and promises; otherwise, we do not make them. We do not take lightly our commitments. Adhering to our statements and promises is not a point to be pondered at UHS; it is an automatic reaction.


Quality of service is the foundation of our practice. We use advanced tools and techniques to track all of our projects to ensure that we deliver a strong solution.


With the rate at which the world is changing daily, it is often difficult to know where the boundaries lie. While this can be of concern to many, with a leader like UHS by your side the current conditions generate endless possibilities for the future of your organizations products or services. We strive to consider the world the way that the most advanced, tech-savvy individual sees it, in this way, we provide to our clients services that are cutting edge, impressive, and useful.
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